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646f9e108c Two teens impulsively decide to rob a bank, a la Bonnie and Clyde. Quickly they find themselves in over their headsthey are forced to take a bank full of hostages and the FBI are at the door. Hostages include a heroin addicted Gulf War vet, the pesky bank manager, a gruff old man, a calm bank employee, and a helpful young woman. The head FBI man must sort through the psychology of all the participants to try to keep the events from escalating. Underlying in all of this is the pure adolescence of the two who initiate the trouble.
First off, i bought this DVD purely for BURT REYNOLDS (he STILL outshines all of his material, in whatever movie) and even i know, that 'THE BANDIT' has picked some bad movies, since BOOGIE NIGHTS. PUPS is a step in the right direction. The two young actors pull off good performances (that if played wrong, could result in cringes all-round) and despite a FEW lapses into talking TOO grown up (for their years) the foul language worked (it shows how grown up, ADULTS sound, when THEY use such language)<br/><br/>I'm sure it's a pretty low budget movie, but it just goes to show what you can do with a good tight script, and an unusual premise. Although, the black guy (from the bank) attitude changed, from hostile hostage to playful guest at the sudden sight of 'blowing bubbles', and the crippled guy was an annoyance (but i reckon it's better to give the guy hang-ups, at least they were justified?)<br/><br/>BURT REYNOLDS gave a calm relaxed, yet focused performance (harking back to his legendary 'SHARKYS MACHINE' days, i think) For a lot of the negative reviews i've read for this movie, you can't say it drags on. But the (way too slick) MTV sequence, turns into double-sided sword,it tries to have it's cake (throw it away)..and STILL eat it. I'm sure it seemed like good publicity for the music channel, but they also came acrossself-centered, manipulative and completely un-bothered about it's source of income (i.e, the youth of today)<br/><br/>Having said that, i have recomended this fine movie to all 9 out of 10
This film is dramatic, suspenseful, and often funny, but ends leaving you freaked out and down. The storyline is a bit wishy washy at times but what really makes this film work are it's performances. What can I say about Cameron Van Hoy? This kid was excellentthe 13 year old who robs a bank out of boredom. I really hope we see more from this kid in the future. Many won't like Van Hoy's language in the film, but it is useda situation device and isn't abused for shock value. If you do see this film, watch it for this kid's acting.

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